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As a woman, you definitely want to have an impeccable wardrobe, and every morning you enjoy the pleasure of creating the most surprising and innovative outfits. To achieve this, a multitude of colors are needed to allow for ever more spectacular combinations and to illustrate creativity and inspiration.

We have always been fascinated to hear various interesting aspects about the color universe and what significance they have when wearing them. Their features also require certain rules when you associate them. When you want to impress with strident and impactful clothing, it is absolutely necessary to know that the visual harmony you play is very important.                                       Visit our online store and ORDER NOW!

Here are the peculiarities of colors and how to juggle with them in fashion!


It is well-known for everyone that any shade of red is representative for those self-confident and who dare to always be at the center of attention, both by appearance and by attitude. If you are in love with the red color and you want to show this aspect through everything you wear, you must know that a completely red outfit will not attract nor is recommended.

The classic combination is the black one, a combination that never fails and which suggests an elegant elegance and refinement combined with a strong dose of passion and strength.


It is one of the most gentle and specific colors of innocence, which is why they are not particularly indicated in office outfits that are characterized by the opposite pole aspect, respectively stiffness and moderation.

The ladies who want to adopt a gentle and feminine style can choose without any problems for pink associations with other light shades, such as white, beige, brown, light blue. With an elegant and dynamic look, the collection of summer dresses available on our website is very appropriate to reflect your romantic and dreamy nature.


Known in fashion, as an aristocratic color, the blue can symbolize more unity, harmony and trust. It is highlighted when combined with shades like gray, white, beige or ivory. When you want to suggest that level of nobility specific to this color, you can choose the famous tune of royal blue assorted with yellow or red, offering a very special and very bold look in a positive way.


Simplicity and security desire are the first ideas we can find out about people who are accustomed to having different shades of white. It is a color that blends absolutely magistral with any other tones, but most tendencies are those that are based on the association of white with brown or sand.


Stylists say pastel shades are not as well-acclaimed as they deserve. Bold combinations that are based on pastel colors will make this summer for any outfit. Both in casual style, as elegant as the evening, these colors have gained a great reputation and were created on the basis of their many appropriate clothing articles.

The navy style

The navy style (or marine theme) in clothing is very popular and popular during the summer because it sends thought to holidays, great and creates that specific atmosphere. The colors specific to this style are rendered by combinations of white and black or blue and white. When in the outfit that you adopt one day you will find, an article on this theme, it is recommended to fill with a golden addition that fits absolutely perfect.

Dare to make combinations because a monochrome look is too tense and will always leave you in the shade. Surpass with colorful clothes to combine them with great taste and originality!


Visit our online store and ORDER NOW!

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