I’m Telekom – You can count on me!

Our vision

We aim to become the number one integrated operator on the Romanian market with a sustainable position in all segments and geographical areas, capitalizing on fixed-mobile synergies along the value chain, to have a very efficient and focused operational model – everything for to provide excellence to our customers.

Our values

Values ​​are the framework in which we operate, and the goal of all Telekom employees is to put them into practice in daily work to achieve the vision of the company.

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The organizational culture of Telekom Romania is shaped around 5 key principles:

  • Customer satisfaction and simplicity drive our business 

The customer is the center of our business. We are committed to knowing and understanding the thoughts, emotions, requirements and experiences of our customers. We believe that these are the main factors for Telekom’s success.

  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior

This principle reflects both the respect of colleagues and the appreciation for our customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders, but also for society and the environment.

  • All for one – One for all

Cooperation is an important element in our culture, Telekom. As a team, we discuss openly, accept different opinions and discuss important topics. But once a decision is made, it will be equally supported by all those involved.

  • The best place for performance and development

In order to be the most respected telecommunication company, Telekom needs competent and motivated employees. That is why all managers are encouraged to recognize the individual team involvement and successes and to provide them with a positive working environment with opportunities for professional development.

  • I’m Telekom – You can count on me!

This principle is the personal commitment of each employee. Each of us is committed to finding the best solutions for customer requests – whether they are users, colleagues, business partners, or other company partners.

Visit our Website and shop online!

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