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Our online jewelry and gift shop sells  925 silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, titanium, tungsten and ceramics and fancy jewelry from various materials. All silver jewelry  products  are delivered in jewelery boxes embedded in anticorrosion envelopes or cardboard boxes, while fancy and stainless steel jewelry  products  are delivered in antisocular envelopes (all packages are offered free of charge). has a wide range of jewelery and accessories carefully selected to enchant both ladies and brides as well as the male segment. From silver with genuine murano glass, with semi-precious stones or zirconia, stainless steel and gablonts, rings, pendants, bracelets and cufflinks, we tried to collect as many models for any style, occasion and preference !

The jewelry  shop  was created with the desire to offer customers a simple way to buy refined jewelery and accessories for women and men, both for their own accessory and for giving gifts to their loved ones.

Our mission is to offer refined jewelry and carefully selected accessories, of high quality and reasonable prices, accessible from the comfort of your own home!

Jewelry and accessories come from various international manufacturers (US, EU and Asia) selected and tested in recent years. All jewelery in precious metals are verified and certified by ANPC’s Metals and Precious Stones Directorate and is marked by ANPC which guarantees the quality of the precious metal used. These are delivered together with a quality certificate confirming that our products are of the precious metal specified and meet the quality parameters and requirements in accordance with the rules in force.

Much of the precious metal jewelery marketed by us is made of rhodium-plated silver or nickel-free silver. The pomegranate provides anti-corrosion resistance / protection, aesthetic durability, but also a glossy, elegant look like white gold. Since nickel can cause allergies or skin irritation to sensitive or allergic people, we mainly sell silver-free nickel jewelry.

Visit our store with confidence and enjoy a wide range of jewelry, accessories and gifts that will highlight your style and personality!

We kindly welcome your orders that we will honor promptly and professionally, as well as any suggestions for refining / diversifying our range of jewelry and services or any other wishes that we will do our best to turn them into reality


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